Donorship’s $DNR Point System

4 min readJan 10, 2024

In a bold move towards fostering a culture of giving and making a tangible impact on the world, Donorship, a leading player in the realm of cryptocurrency donations, has unveiled its groundbreaking $DNR point system. This innovative system is designed to track and reward donors for their contributions to over 1,000 non-profit organizations and charities integrated into Donorship’s ecosystem.

The $DNR Point System

The new $DNR point system represents a significant leap forward in the world of cryptocurrency donations. Donors can now accumulate points based on the amount of cryptocurrency they contribute to various causes through Donorship’s widget. The more one donates, the higher the number of $DNR points they earn.

For every dollar donated through any widget within Donorship’s ecosystem, users earn 10,000 $DNR Point credited directly to their wallet.

Please note that Donorship reserves the right to modify the $DNR point system terms at any time, ensuring flexibility in adapting to evolving needs and industry standards.

Incentivizing Positive Change

The primary motivation behind introducing the $DNR point system is to incentivize users to actively engage in philanthropy. By attaching a tangible reward system to cryptocurrency donations, Donorship aims to encourage users to contribute more generously and frequently to non-profit organizations and charities. This groundbreaking approach transforms the act of giving into a rewarding and fulfilling experience, motivating individuals to make a real difference in the world.

$DNR Points Across Platforms

In a move that truly underscores the inclusivity of Donorship’s $DNR point system, the platform has gone a step further by extending point-earning capabilities to every widget, regardless of the hosting platform. Whether users are contributing through Donorship’s native widget or on partner platforms such as,, or Dextools, they can rest assured that they will always earn $DNR points for their donations.

This groundbreaking feature eliminates the restrictions associated with donation platforms, giving users the freedom to support their chosen causes seamlessly across a variety of interfaces. Whether it’s supporting a charity through Donorship’s official website or utilizing partner platforms for donations, users will accumulate $DNR points with every contribution, promoting a universal and interconnected philanthropic experience.

The Donorship Affiliate Program

In a bid to further expand the reach of philanthropy and incentivize platform owners to join the mission, Donorship proudly introduces its Affiliate Program. This unique initiative enables platform owners to seamlessly integrate Donorship’s widget into their systems, turning every contribution made on their widget into a catalyst for positive change.

Affiliates receive $DNR points based on the amount of donations processed through their widgets. For every $1 donated on their widget, affiliates earn 10,000 $DNR point. Affiliates can also receive bonus $DNR points from integrating the widget on their website, or from the business plans. This additional incentive aligns with Donorship’s vision of creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem where every contribution, big or small, is recognized and appreciated.

Seamless Integration with Non-Profit Organizations

Donorship’s commitment to facilitating charitable giving is further exemplified by the seamless integration of the $DNR point system with over 1,000 non-profit organizations and charities. Through the user-friendly widget, donors can effortlessly contribute to a cause of their choice, ensuring that the process of giving is both convenient and impactful.

Seasonal Rewards

In addition to its innovative $DNR point system, Donorship introduces a seasonal reset.
At the start of each new season, points reset, offering donors a fresh chance to earn rewards.
At the end of the season, donors can claim their rewards from the previous period. This dynamic feature encourages ongoing engagement and loyalty while recognizing donors’ consistent support for causes and the Donorship ecosystem.
Season 1 starts at 1st January 2024 — Ends (TBD)

$DNR Point Leaderboards

Adding an extra layer of excitement and competition to the philanthropic journey, Donorship introduces $DNR point leaderboards. These dynamic leaderboards automatically update in real-time based on the donations made by users. Donors can now see their ranking and track their $DNR point balance using their web3 wallet addresses. This gamification aspect not only fosters a sense of healthy competition but also amplifies the social impact of individual contributions.

Transparency and Accountability

One of the key features of the $DNR point system is the transparent and accountable tracking of donations. The blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrency transactions ensures an immutable record of every contribution made. This level of transparency not only instills trust among donors but also allows them to witness the direct impact of their contributions on the causes they support.


Donorship’s new $DNR point system is a game-changer in the world of cryptocurrency donations. By merging technology, philanthropy, and gamification, Donorship has created a unique ecosystem that empowers individuals to contribute to positive change actively. As the $DNR point system gains traction, it is poised to revolutionize the way people perceive and engage in charitable giving, creating a more connected and impactful global community.

*Please review our “Terms and Conditions” for additional legal information regarding our point system.