Innovation is Bloody
David Dabscheck

Couldn’t agree more

You captured this incredibly well — one of the best articles about the challenges of innovation I’ve read.

I’m a recovering corporate intrapreneur. I was able to get many things done, including getting funding for and starting many things that are now successful. However, it was exhausting. My simplest explanation is that innovation = change + risk. And, change and risk are (usually) bad for the people who have power today (i.e. the ones for whom the status quo is desirable).

One funny story — I actually brought in a former executive from Kodak from the time you reference. I had him meet with a top exec at my company at the time. I remember sitting there hearing about what happened at Kodak while the exec (a genuinely good guy and great leader, but not an innovator) at my company nodded and agreed on all the points. Then, well, I don’t have to tell the rest of the story. You know how it ends…

I wrote an article with my version (below) called the Paradox of Innovation — very similar premise.