Entrepreneurship is a Calling not a Job
steve blank

I think this is very insightful. 2 comments:

  1. I believe there are other types of entrepreneurs who don’t fit your model (and generally don’t get enough credit) — the ones who start/run more conventional businesses. Success for them is probably less about customer empathy and learning and more about hard work, managing people well and making good decisions
  2. I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time with founders (and am one) and believe that there is something different about them — I describe them as being like gene mutations. Most aren’t preferred by the world, but the ones that are often become dominant. Founders see the same data and come to different conclusions. Their unique perspective often confounds others who are wired to want a faster horse. I’ve tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to teach different ways of looking at customers through the lens of jobs-to-be-done and find some people just have this and others just don’t.

Thanks for sharing your insights. I wrote an article I think you’ll appreciate about the parallels between the lessons from The Boston Miracle (79% reduction in violence and 29 consecutive months of zero youth homicides) and the agile/lean approach. It’s here: https://medium.com/@DonotInnovate/what-a-minister-and-peace-activist-can-teach-us-about-innovation-f9196ffa5ab6#.x80m4zmdw