You might want to read my article on this topic with more implications for impact on labor and…
Robin Chase

Thanks for your comments and reference to your well written essay.

It’s an interesting question — who can shape the future when we all see change coming and many powerful entrenched entities are under threat? With so much money and influence involved, I wish I shared your optimism.

Does educating average citizens make a difference? The issues are complex and ambiguous. Education is tough and expensive.

The libertarian leanings of the new SV make me nervous about the tech pioneers acting outside their selfish interests — automate, control, optimize and lobby. I don’t think they’ll be helpful.

Is the answer about electing the right leaders? There is SO much money involved, especially by the status quo interests.

Is it about building a not evil ALEC like entity aimed at lobbying/funding good legislation?

The industries most impacted represent a large % of remaining private sector organized labor. And, so much of this points towards winner-take-all consolidation and monopoly-like control. It’s very scary.

Do you have ideas about where the nearly unprecedented benevolence and foresight you describe can come from? What can people do to help get us to the “heaven scenario” and not the other one?