Band merch

So I’m going to once again be going with one of my favourite bands for this assignment, that being, A Sound Of Thunder.

Going through their merch section on their store page, there is the usual list of CD’s, vinyls and shirts. What stands out just in regards to what are common items on any band store, is their art work. Seeing as how Nina, the lead singer, is a graphic designer by day, she has had a lot of experience to actual design. They do tend to come up with the base designs and then get an artist in Croatia to bring them to life, but their art by and large is a cut above a lot of other bands. I might sound biased saying this, but generally I find that heavy metal bands tend to have graphics that are a lot more striking than other genres, partly helping the tribal feeling of camaraderie that heavy metal seems to generate.

One thing of theirs that I really do like, at the moment they are selling versions of the comic book series, Shadowman, that served as inspiration for their latest album. There are alternate covers and a few other variants that are really great.

Lastly, they also sell tickets for shows that they’re opening for, when big name bands are touring through their area.