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4 min readSep 28, 2015


Many of you are, no doubt, aware that recently Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn went to the UN to have a bit of a cry about how unfair the internet is and how censored it SHOULD be.

I won’t name them of course,that would just lead to my claims being debunked.
Listen, this criticism shit?I’ve been having my journo buddies clamp down on it for three years and it’s still happening.You guys are my last hope,you gotta illegalize this shit.

The whole endeavor is rife with ridiculousness, from Anita crying about how videos on youtube calling her a liar are harassment(this word is an ever increasing umbrella), to the accompanying PDF by the UN containing blank sources, citing Jack Thompson and even offering a hard drive link as a source.

Somehow I doubt Indian women have to deal with the harsh cruelties of youtube videos DISAGREEING with them.

But all these have been covered extensively by others. What I wish to focus on is not Quinn and Sarkeesian’s ridiculous claims,nor the UN’s heinous motives. What I wish to focus is how and why Quinn and Sarkeesian ever got there to begin with. How did these two women amass enough fame(or infamy) to hold speeches in front of the UN and help advocate this sort of fucked up shit.

Until she says otherwise,this is what Anita Sarkeesian actually desires.

The answer dear reader, is #gamergate’s eternal enemy. The corrupt press, who for clicks and ideology fanned the flames of controversy and shielded these women again and again from criticism. You’d be forgiven to believe that Anita and Zoe have been through hell and back at the hands of the merciless gaming public if you were an avid reader of Kotaku and Polygon.

Gaming culture is a hard thing to understand, and the outside world takes to gaming press to find out the ins and outs of it. And what is the gaming press chanting?

‘’Anita Sarkeesian is a respected game critic who has been victimized for her daring criticism of games and gamers because she is a women’’

‘’There is a huge sexism problem in video games’’

‘’Zoe Quinn is a victim of a 12 month long harassment campaign (Editor’s note:She did not have sexual relations with our writer!Trust us.)’’

The gaming press built these two women up as important figures within gaming, and their lies as truths. The mainstream press then merely picked up their story and propagated it further. And this game of telephone ends with them advocating censorship in front of the god damn United Nations.

Now let’s be clear,the UN itself WANTS this censorship. But it’s been handed the ammo and figures to push for it on a silver platter by the likes of Kotaku,Destructoid,Polygon and any outlet that shied away from criticism towards the pair.

In order to appease their egos and act the part of activists instead of journalists,games media has made “sexism’’ and “harassment’’ into a MASSIVE problem.

All four parties here capitalized beautifully on it.

Games media got their clicks and the high of feeling like they were doing something OTHER than talking about video games(their fucking job).

Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian got fame and money out of it.

And the UN gets both the citations(their PDF cites POLYGON directly) and puppets(ZQ and AS) to parade for internet censorship.

Polygon:helping the UN try and censor the internet, and telling you why video game tits are bad.

Why, notice how dear old Polygon continues to pay lip service to these people even and takes no exception whatsoever with the things pushed by the UN Hilariously,the comments themselves are closed.

Press defending liars. Biased articles pushing agendas. Comments sections closed so that no one can see the readers express disagreement.

What we have here is beautiful symbiotic relationship between a bunch of parasites. Sarkeesian, Quinn and games media get to thrive while the host, gaming and gamers suffers and withers at the hands of what they’re peddling.

And it is horrifying.