3 Strategies to Get Started in DopeRaider

Gringo is ready for action in Cartagena

Three quick things to help protect you and your product!

Life on the streets for a new Narco in DopeRaider can be tough. The markets, the raiders, production costs, adding up the travel costs and finding a way to make a profit can be daunting. So here are some tips to make life for a beginner easier.

1. Get used to the neighbourhood.

Once you’ve settled into the world, you’ll start filling up your bag with all kinds of dope, but be wary of carrying too much at once while you’re still new on the streets — it will make you a prime target for raiding!

Prices fluctuate, and raiders need to cool down. This creates opportunities for profit if you are already holding dope you produced in home location.

Tip: Watch the district pricing and the events pane. See where the best prices are, but also check the supply. Events where raids happen in your target location are good, because it means those raiders are now on cool down and cannot raid again until their time is up.

2. Don’t move too much dope at once.

A mistake often made by beginners is to immediately fill up on dope and set off to the nearest district with prices that look profitable. Depending on how many are playing this can drop the prices in a district due to increased supply.

Tip: At the start, produce moderate amounts of dope to carry to your target location, reducing the reward for a raid and to help avoid increasing the supply there too much.

3. Protect yourself

After you get yourself better accustomed to the world and are ready to push more of your product around, you will need protection from the unpredictable risks of the game.

Tip: Upgrade your defense and speed early. Below explains why and how.

Raiding by other players.

Reduce the chance of being raided by upgrading your defense
Upgrade your defense in Chinatown or at the market in Vice Island

Bust by Officer Lardass

Reduce the chance of getting busted by upgrading your speed

It’s worth remembering that despite her sheer power and size, she doesn’t move very fast! Your best chance of avoiding her is grabbing a faster ride from Novo Moskovo or Vice Island, assuming you don’t mind if the serial number is missing that is…

Vehicles are available in Novo Moskovo or Vice Island

There is another option…

You could just become a raider , lurking to steal dope from players arriving in your district and selling it straight away. For this to work, it’s best to upgrade your attack skill (Baltimore) and your carry capacity (Little Italy).

Watch your back out there…

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