DopeRaider embeds Portis for greater user experience.

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Getting started with dApps is hard. This wallet for that , another for this. Add mobile, and you’ve increased the barrier to entry pretty high for users. They had better really want to use you application to be willing to go through all of this.

Fortunately at DopeRaider we have a community that are super patient early adopters, willing to go the extra mile and try something new so they can get back to slinging dope on the blockchain.

The DopeRaider team is always on the lookout for new projects that help improve the overall ecosystem for dApp users, and especially when it comes to on-boarding. So when Portis announced support for the POA Network, we knew we could take it to our players and they would give it a thorough shakedown.

The results are awesome. The players really like the freedom to move between devices and not to have to install browser extensions.

Embedded Portis allows users to switch devices easily without wallet installations.

Portis makes it easier to on-board users, but also provides an embedded top-up facility which allows users to buy crypto with their credit cards. This is made possible through their partners K1liquidity .

A few selected comments from early adopters:

With plans to add direct purchase of POA in the top-up section — we believe this will provide the smoothest on-boarding and dApp usage experience available for any crypto game to date.

Respect to the Portis team and also to POA Network for continuing to drive forward their technology roadmaps. They are making the tools that make games like DopeRaider possible.

In case you didn’t catch these are some really useful resources to help get you started with DopeRaider.

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It’s fast paced RPG action , on the blockchain.

Yes, that says “fast paced” — all made possible by our use of the POA Network.

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