DopeRaider “Respect has a price” update details.

Community feedback incorporated.

Following much analysis of how the economy has been behaving, and consultation with the awesome DopeRaider community, we put together a set of changes we believe will make the system even better!

Let’s take a look.

When: Sunday August 26th at 11:00 UTC

  1. Additional anti-bot measures (poor bots) not saying what.
  2. New raiding calculation based also on respect.
  3. Selling immediately after travel or raiding risks bust by Officer Lardass.
  4. Minimum buy amount of Weed will be 12oz
  5. Minimum buy amount of Coke will be 4oz
  6. Minimum buy price Weed 3.5 POA
  7. Minimum buy price Coke 10.5 POA
  8. Cheaper raiding at 10 POA
  9. Ending cool down at 15 POA
  10. Air lift price at 40 POA
  11. Weekly airdrop to top 25 Narcos on the leaderboard.
  12. All narcos will be returned to their home location
  13. An economy float of 10,000 POA will follow at 11:15 UTC

What is the new raiding calculation and why do it?
The old raiding formula didn’t take into account a Narco status, and meant new players found it hard to attack, or defend against higher levels.

To balance this, we decided to introduce a curve that matches the odds of a successful raid depending on the relative levels of the Narcos in combat.

Yeah math!

It means a slight weight away from raids on Narcos below your own level of respect, and towards raids on Narcos above. “Pick on someone your own size.” if you like. It’s still very possible to succeed, just weighted so oppression is reduced.

Here is a nice graph.

What is the risk of bust when selling in cool down danger?
The risk of bust is occurs only at the first 30% of travel or raid cool down.
The risk decreases rapidly every second until the sale danger zone is ended.
It means that at 0% cool down the risk is 30% you would be busted.
It means that at 30% cool down the risk is zero you would be busted.

Why is there a minimum buy of weed and coke?
We want to encourage more arbitrage trading. To do this there must be some risk associated with the opportunity. These minimum buy amounts will keep arbitrage traders on the raiding map, which is good for everybody.

All Narcos carrying dope show up on the raiding map.

What’s this about a weekly airdrop to the top 25 leaders?
To compensate high level Narcos that have until now been making their living by pouncing on newbies, we’ve decided to kick off a weekly airdrop for the top level Narcos on the leaderboard. Details of what you’ll receive will follow soon.

Watch this space top raiders!

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