DopeRaider Update and Major POA PUMP tonight at 20:00 UTC.

Latest update will add new abilities and prepare for airdrop campaign.

Don’t miss out on biggest pump yet.

To celebrate 3 weeks live, the DopeRaider team will provide a new set of features, and pump more POA into the economy than ever before.

Let’s take a look at what’s going to happen.

When: Tonight (August 18th) 20:00 UTC

Two major new features and preparation for airdrop (tomorrow) are coming:

  1. End cool down now
    Ends travel, raiding, or production cool down immediately.
  2. Express airlift
    Transports Narco to chosen district without gas consumption, risk of being busted, or travel cool down. (pretty cool!)

Just like all other actions/purchases 98% of the costs will directly flow in the game economy and is used for funding the dope sales.

Following consultation with the community (you guys!) , we decided to adjust the pricing on the value decrease of cryptocurrencies in the last weeks.

The new pricing schedule and configuration is listed here.

The pricing changes have been calculated to help balance the game and keep the funds flowing between districts.

Like last update, all Narcos will returned to their home location.

Last but not least: BIGGEST PUMP YET starting at 20:15 UTC!
After the update we will float the economy. Be prepared!

This update has made preparation for the DopeRaider Airdrop campaign which starts tomorrow at Jamaica Village and Cartagena. See details for that here.

In case you didn’t catch these are some really useful resources to help get you started with DopeRaider.

  1. How to upgrade from Metamask To Nifty and why. (Link)
  2. 3 Easy strategies to get you started in DopeRaider. (Link)
  3. Exploring the DopeRaider economy. (Link)
It’s fast paced RPG action , on the blockchain.

Yes, that says “fast paced” — all made possible by our use of the POA Network.

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