Moving your DopeRaider Narco from ETH to POA is easy.

2 min readJul 26, 2018
Auctions are available on both chains.

Point and click and collect.

At first, the prospect of migrating an ERC721 token from one chain to another might seem complex. Our team have tried to make this as seamless as possible. Let’s see how with some simple steps.

  1. Visit the My Narcos section of where you will see your collection of Narco characters, each waiting to get started in the dope business.

2. Click the “PLAY” button to bring up the transfer modal that will kick off the process.

Click transfer to cross the ETH → POA bridge and collect your Narco on the other side.

3. Click the “TRANSFER” button and confirm the transaction in your ETH wallet. When the transfer is complete you will see the notice below that means your Narco is on it’s way to POA Network where it can be collected with a POA compatible wallet.

4. If you have not done it already upgrade to Trust Wallet for mobile, or Nifty Wallet for desktop, easy instructions are available here.

You will then be able to access your tokens with your same ETH address on the POA Network, put them up for auction on the POA network, and most important of all play DopeRaider.

To get some POA for use in the game or HODL, you can use one of the exchanges listed here.

Vice Island is a great place to get anything you need.

DopeRaider economy will be floated on July 30th at 21:00 UTC.

We recommend you migrate your Narco and get stocked up with POA as early as possible to avoid a rush on the night!


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