Redeem your DopeRaider airdrop tokens at Vice Island.

At Vice Island you can swap your tokens for weed, coke and other in-game goodies.

Vice Island is the place to be!

The DopeRaider team will run promotional token drops from time to time. Sometimes to celebrate an occasion (Party in Cartagena), or sometimes just for fun!

Let’s find out how you can redeem the tokens in-game and get some of that lovely dope!

If you haven’t already done it, we recommend you upgrade to a wallet that supports POA Network. Easy instructions are available here.

We recommend DopeRaider is played with Trust or Nifty Wallet

Step 1:
Get yourself a Narco character from the market on POA Network here. You address will be automatically registered.

Step 2:
Add the following token addresses to your wallet when connected to the POA Network. Choose Add Token and paste each of the addresses.

  1. SEEDS 0xc03cc67f7f3fb44a81798b02aac2c5a31aac8189
  2. CHEMICALS 0xfcb4659aaf75a4610ae495ddb1b08bb13f38ea9f
  3. AMMO 0xde39aa195b8fb3ef9d4d48196ca598a29d192848
  4. GAS 0xcf6b915ddc56a3e3c2fb11346f01b7980f85e20c
  5. WEED 0x35f9437b3d5d5c9d81b5c0c456d189098ed026a1
  6. COKE 0x9ad42450ce3510b05a0ab294c4aa1ee9a0ce66c7
Your tokens are now visible.

Step 3:
If you’re not already set up to play DopeRaider (Imagine!), get started here.

Step 4:
Have your Narco make their way to Vice Island (available on districts map) where a button exists to allow you to collect your items.

Visit Vice Island and choose DopeRaider Tokens

Step 5:
You can now convert your tokens into WEED, SEEDS or any of the other items available, and then sell for profit!

You can only redeem as much as you carry in one go. So if you have lots of tokens, you’ll need to do that in batches.

That’s it!

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