Dates and deadlines

Tell​ me. Do you remember? Do you remember when time was only but the periodically endless ticking of those tiny hands on that marked and numbered surface? Do you remember when IT all seemed endless and abundant and quite frankly, a bother? Do you remember when IT all seemed trite? When because of naivete, youth and the bliss of ignorance, IT all meant nothing?
And then IT whizzed by. Appreciating in value eloquently like the most valuable commodity that IT is. And in between were the dates and deadlines. The schedules and chases. The highs and lows. Never slowing down. Never taking a second to breath and just live.
And here we are now. This place where reality hits. And all meaning is lost. Well, they say it s never too late. So i ask you this. Do you think i can go back and play in the sun all day until it sets? Do you think i can go back and watch “Sinbad” until dinner is ready and served? NO. Because time has robbed us of all those childhood pleasures. This fickle thing that serves no one. It runs and never looks back. Kicking ass and taking names.
O’ to be young again! Ah well! Waste no further time reading the words of this rambling man. Run, you sons and daughters of a fickle mother. Live it all and love it all. See it all and taste it all. And most importantly, don’t spend it all in one place!

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