Dorine Flies
Nov 5, 2016 · 1 min read

Was great to have you there Seth, your room was standing room only — Interestingly 2 other youth hackers came forward as a result of your session to ask questions about how they could contribute to the next MozFest from one of the London youth hacker groups. I really liked how you rescued your session with a level of maturity even some adults cant do when things go wrong; you kept it cool, dint turn it into a drama and kept your head down :)

Mistakes and things falling appart in this space are a given, how you choose to deal with it is the key to moving forward — Well done

    Dorine Flies

    Written by

    Mum, HR for ionCube and Participation researcher; Edinburgh uni. #MozFest #youthZone space producer & Youth led project lead at the festival.

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