Exerpeutic 400XL Review

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike is small but has the workout power of the more expensive bikes on the market. It is perhaps one of the best recumbent bike that I have purchased. It is absolutely fantastic for the price. I can’t believe I paid so little for this bike.

This bike folds easily for storage. I can move it between rooms, to the porch or on the lawn. Light enough I can carry it up stairs. It’s very compact, but yet is very sturdy.

Ultimate indoor bike trainer bike stand guide review

It is EXTREMELY quiet and easy to use. The magnetic resistance feels really good. The resistance can definitely work you and the convenience will make you feel all better. I was impressed by the high quality of the parts.

I was astonished at how comfortable it is — you sit upright (it’s not really recumbent if that means leaning back) on a nicely contoured seat and the pedals are just where they should be. Everything works smoothly and silently, so you can listen to music while you exercise. I can’t imagine a better exercise bike at any price.

Ultimate indoor bike trainer bike stand guide review

The seat is very, very comfortable. The back support is also wonderful. I don’t find myself dreading the idea of finally getting to 60 minutes because of the comfortable seat and back.

Please remember seat is adjustable. This is easy to forget. I worked out 3 days with no adjustment. I’m 6 feet tall. OUCH. There’s a door knob like piece that is by itself in a plastic wrap that keeps the seat adjusted.

I really liked how the computer tells the ride time and when you stop pedaling, IT STOPS COUNTING! NO CHEATERS! I love it.

And as far as getting a really good workout on this bike is concerned, by the time I’m hitting levels 4 and 5 I’m really feeling it and need to have a small hand towel nearby to use along with about 24 oz of water for a 60 minute workout.

I typically cycle about 1500 miles each year so it’s not as if I’m just starting to incorporate bikes into my fitness routine. It’s so quiet to the point that you don’t have to raise your TV volume if you like to work out that way and if others are sleeping you don’t have to worry about waking them up due to noise.

Update: January 2012 — still loving it. Bike still continues to operate quietly and smoothly. I continue to check the assembly points on a weekly basis and snug them up as needed with the enclosed tools.

Update: March 2012 — due to the mild winter in the Northeast it’s cycling season already! I was able to do my first ride of the season in the same amount of time it took to do the same ride at the end of last year by using this bike during the winter months. Since it’s a different design vs. a road bike I was wondering if the right muscles would be conditioned and was happily surprised to find that they were. I cannot begin to emphasize how pleased I continue to be with this product.

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