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I have a small confession to make. I live in a house of Cheese and Chutney fiends. I am partial to the odd cracker smothered with cheese and chutney, but I never get a look in as the family descend like vultures on the cheese board. If I am lucky I might manage one broken cracker with the last bit of crumbled cheese and scraping the bottom of the glass jarred chutney.

I had popped over to the Church Knowle Food Fayre and was completely distracted at the cheese stall marvelling over James’s Cheese and trying to figure out what cheese I was going to buy. Cheese. It quickly became a purchase of cheeses. The creamy and rich tasting Dorset Cheddar Truckle changed my taste buds and attitude towards cheddar. Purchased! I knew I would enjoy the Okeford Beacon as I love all things chilli so that was already a given….but it was the Hambledon Hill that I knew would delight my “not too spicy but more garlic please” daughter that got me thinking I could set a taste challenge…….

Chutney. Dorset produces incredible chutneys and I was intrigued by the Jurassic Cottage Foods vibrant green chutney jar. It took seconds for me to say can I purchase a jar please? Jurassic’s Runner Bean Chutney completed the taste challenge.

My ingenious idea of challenging the family to “guess the ingredients” meant that I had jurisdiction over portion control. Or so I thought. Demolished. The chutney was a huge success Mr S winner of the subtle ingredients of shallots and turmeric; “not too spicy please” daughter claimed “Mustard” and decided to eat the chutney by the spoonful!

As for the cheeses. Wow! James’s Cheeses are so good. As I expected the garlic and chive Hambledon Hill cheese disappeared. I expect I will be contacting James to buy in bulk load! As for the Okeford Beacon the subtle taste of chilli and creamy texture allowed the flavours to compliment one another instead of one flavour overpowering your taste buds like so many other chilli infused cheeses. As for the Dorset Cheddar Truckle? Thankfully there is about one third left of the truckle; it is however hidden behind other fridge content to be enjoyed just by me!

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