Radiation and the Empowered Consumer

By Thomas D. Logan, CEO of Dosime, Inc.

For me, radiation is personal. I’ve spent much of my career empowering people with information about radiation exposure so that they can make reasonable choices about their own health. Pilots, flight attendants, nurses, doctors, power plant workers and many other radiation-exposed professionals have benefited from this data. But I’ve often wondered, why shouldn’t everyone have access to the same information that could help minimize potential health effects as well as potentially save lives?

The response to that question is Dosime® — a wearable radiation detector that just launched. With this device, we make our world-leading radiation detection technology available to every consumer.

The Dosime Device is available for pre-sale on Amazon.

The Dosime device arrives at a pivotal time for health technology. Today, we have an unprecedented opportunity to collect personal data about our health, habits, productivity, and more, in order to better understand and improve our well-being. Through big data and wearables, we are now able to measure, analyze and react to the information we are provided to help us make healthy decisions.

Radiation is invisible, but ever-present.

One third of the US population (100M people) lives in a “nuclear shadow” area (within 50-miles of one of the 61 operating U.S. nuclear power plants), and it’s an occupational hazard for many professionals. Although we can’t see or smell it, excessive exposure to radiation can potentially lead to health consequences, including severe illnesses. To be proactive about our health, we must understand and manage our environment, including the factors that we can’t perceive on our own. Dosime measures the real-time dose rate exposure and accumulated dose from gamma and x-ray ionizing radiation, which comes from both naturally occurring sources — such as soil, water and air — and man-made sources — like nuclear power plants, X-rays from medical procedures, nuclear medicine products for medical diagnostics and therapeutic applications, as well as products such as building materials. Dosime analyzes this data to provide us with knowledge of any radiation exposure so that we can make informed decisions about our wellbeing. We’ll talk more about those decisions in future posts from our panel of radiation experts.

While man-made radiation sources are generally managed in accordance with stringent protocols, it is never a bad idea to stay informed about potential exposure. Dosime is similar to carbon and smoke detectors or heart rate and blood glucose monitors in this regard.

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve already begun the process of getting a fuller picture of your wellbeing — including invisible impacts like radiation. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for continued perspectives and tips about the role that radiation plays in our total health context. Together, we can build a community of awareness and choice for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Have a question? Contact us at support@dosime.com.

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