10 Best Yoga Gears 2018: A Buying Guide

This is a simple guide, which can help you make better choices whenever you want to buy your Yoga gears. It is not comprehensive, but you would know all you need to know about each Yoga gear listed.

Yoga can be seen as a simple exercise, with the ultimate idea of connecting body and mind. Although, Yoga may also be used as a means of relaxation and continued as a practice that helps improve the overall living condition. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit language, a word called “Yuj” which means “to bind” or “union.”

Everyone can practice yoga irrespective of gender. This exercise focuses mainly on breathing and mind relaxation of its participants. It involves a full body workout, makes you shed a lot a sweat. This practice challenges the body, make you work very hard while increasing body elasticity, flexibility, body awareness and improving your overall health condition.

Popular types of Yoga includes:

  • Vinyasa yoga- This type of yoga links both movement and breath in a dance-like manner. You won’t have to stay long in one pose, but there may be an increase in the tempo.
  • Lyengar yoga- This Yoga session deals with precision and body alignment. You will need some Yoga props like straps and blocks, which are explained in this guide. You may have to be in one pose for a specific period.
  • Ashtanga Yoga-This is a more advanced set of Yoga poses; it consists of six yoga poses, which helps to build internal heat. You need to breathe and flow along with the class as you practice it.
  • Bikram yoga- Bikram is one of the complex and demanding yoga sessions. It consists of 26 different poses. This exercise draws a lot of heat from the body.
  • Hot Yoga- The hot yoga is similar to the Bikram yoga only that, the teacher may add or remove some poses from the 26 standard ones.
  • Kundalini yoga-This type of Yoga session is more physically and mentally demanding. These yoga poses are carried out while singing and meditating. The objective of this type of yoga is to break internal barriers and to release stagnant energy from within and to achieve a high level of self-awareness.
  • Yin Yoga- This type of Yoga brings calm and balance to the body and mind. The poses in this class are held for several minutes, and it’s classified as a meditative practice. The postures help to restore elasticity to your body tissues.

Whether you are a beginner or expert in Yoga, there is a vital part of the practice you do not want to learn the hard way. One thing to keep in mind is that your Yoga gears are essential. These gears include;

  • Yoga clothing;
  • Yoga mats;
  • Yoga water bottles;
  • Yoga towels;
  • Yoga blocks;
  • Yoga straps;
  • Yoga Bolsters;
  • Yoga eye pillows;
  • Yoga DVDs;
  • Yoga mat cleaners.

This is a simple guide, which can help you make better choices whenever you want to buy your Yoga gears. It is not comprehensive, but you would know all you need to know about each Yoga gear listed. Although, Yoga clothing depends on the respective class, here is a guide giving you tips on clothing gears and what you should go for.

Yoga Gears Buying Guides

I. Yoga Clothing Buying Guide

When choosing a Yoga clothing, the ultimate rule is to go for cloth you will be comfortable in using. Your yoga apparel must fit your body, embrace your curves and must not expose your while practicing Yoga. Yoga poses can be very demanding, the basic poses require a lot of arm movements, and you must be able to move your hand comfortably in your Yoga apparel. Some of the available Yoga clothing is;

  • Capri- medium length leggings
  • Straight or flared legs
  • Full-length leggings

When choosing your Yoga apparel, you have three options for materials you can opt for; Cotton, Synthetics, and Cotton-synthetic.

Here is a buying guide:

  • Make sure your cloth is made from breathable materials like cotton or bamboo.
  • Opt for cloth that highly sweats tolerant
  • Do not buy a cloth that slides from side to side exposing your body; this can be embarrassing.
  • A Capri is preferable than a full-length Yoga pant.

II. Yoga Mat Buying Guide

Yoga mats are essential for Yoga classes. Your mat can improve your make or mar your Yoga experience. The mats may be expensive, size and price of yoga mats may depend on the yoga class you are practicing. Here is a guide that can help you get the best value for your money;

  • Go for a mat that is thick and solid- this will protect you from getting hurt while practicing complicated yoga poses, preventing you from damaging your bones.
  • While looking out for safety, the mat must also not be too foamy as this may affect your balance and make sink which may make your practice uncomfortable.
  • Go for a mat that is portable and sweat tolerant.
  • Trusted brands include JadeYoga and Hugger Mugger.
  • Keep length in mind if you are the tall type.
  • Go for padded mats; they are a lot softer and more comfortable.
  • Go for sticky mats.
  • You have a lot of colors to choose from, and there is no restriction on what you can choose. Choose whatever suits you.
  • Go for earth-friendly mats like rubber and organic cotton.

III. Yoga Water Bottle Buying Guide

Water bottles can be a lifesaver sometimes. They are essential for any sporting or physical exercise. You don’t want to stay dehydrated for long, after a long steamy Yoga session. Some Yoga classes draw a lot of sweat from your body; you must have a filled water bottle close by at all times. Here are some of the products you may consider;

  • Hydro flask: This is a stainless steel water bottle, it comes in different sizes and colors. It has been confirmed it can keep a cold beverage cold for 24 hours and a hot beverage for 6 hours.
  • LifeStraw: This water bottle can filter water from any source, giving you safe and clean water on the go.
  • CamelBak.
  • Kleen Kanteen.

IV. Yoga Towels Buying Guide

Towels are essential in every Yoga class, how else do you want to get rid of all that sweat? Yoga generates a lot of sweat from your body, and as such, you need a towel beside you to wipe off the sweat regularly.

  • Your Yoga towel must be sticky and grippy.
  • Go for a durable towel.
  • Your Yoga towel does not have to be too expensive.
  • Yogitoes, Jade, Gaiam, SOJA are notable brands you can check out.
  • Avoid towels that bleed color after a few washes.

V. Yoga Blocks Buying Guide

Yoga blocks are designed to give you better muscle flexibility, support, comfort and maintaining balance. These blocks can serve as the floor when you are in a pose, and the floor seems out of reach. Yoga blocks are made of different materials which may be wood, cock or wood. You can opt for any of the materials, with texture and grip in mind. Yoga blocks help to support back, head and hips and also help to instill a broad sense of alignment. Yoga blocks are for starters who are not yet flexible to complete yoga poses.

  • Consider the size and material of the block.
  • Small hands & reasonably flexible- get a more modest sized block.
  • Large hands & less flexible- get a more substantial sized block.
  • It is advisable to own more than one blocks.

Yoga blocks are essential for beginners, and if your body is not yet flexible as it should be. They allow you to complete poses and give extra support wherever you need it. Yoga blocks also help you get better alignment and position.

VI. Yoga Strap Buying Guide

Yoga straps help you complete complicated move safely. Beginners are encouraged to use straps because it reduces the chances of injuries that may arise from overstretching. It also helps to increase the flexibility of the body. When buying a Yoga strap, look out for this qualities;

  • Your strap must be durable;
  • Go for straps made of natural materials, and they are more body friendly because they contain no chemicals in the fabric;
  • Go for a non-slip strap;
  • Notable Brands includes; Hugger Mugger, ProSource, and OPTP;
  • You have to choose between a metal and plastic buckle.

Although some Yoga studios may provide their students (Yogis) with straps, a personal Yoga strap can make a good investment for both beginners and experts. You get to practice on your own and master the art quickly.

VII. Yoga Bolster Buying Guide

A yoga bolster is a pillow-like Yoga prop that is designed to aid your breathing and help you achieve better alignment. A bolster can be seen as a utility yoga prop because, it can be used for many things which include, performing new poses, break body limitations, great poses and relax.

  • Your bolster must have an excellent washing instruction.
  • Make sure you check the fabrics and its labels for any allergy warnings.
  • Go for brands that provide a variety of options.
  • You have different sizes to choose from, choose according to the needs of the class you are starting.

VIII. Yoga Eye Pillow Buying Guide

Yoga eye pillows are mainly used for meditation, a yoga session. Meditation is an integral part of the Yoga practice. It is imperative for beginners to own one. These pillows are usable as stress relief method. Although most studios may provide you with eye pillows, it is wise to own one. Eye pillows are built from flax seeds enclosed in a cloth, with an eye shaped frame. Why you should use eye pillows;

  • It can be used for eye acupressure; this makes your eyes feel fresh and revitalized.
  • It can be used for eye strain and tension relief; it releases tension from the forehead, temple, cheekbones, neck, and shoulder.
  • It can be used to calm and rest the mind.
  • It helps to release stress and can also be used for relaxation.

IX. Yoga DVDs Buying Guide

Yoga DVDs are instructional videos, giving a tutorial on Yoga poses and how they are carried out. Yoga DVDs come in different versions; there are some made for beginners, intermediate yogis or experts. These DVDs address various issues like shoulder, neck or back issue and can be used for stress relief, relaxation and flexibility.

  • Buy Yoga DVDs that is specific to your need (Shoulder, neck or back, knees, relaxation, flexibility and stress relief).
  • Go for DVDs with detailed demonstrations.
  • Buy DVDs with safe and comfortable Yoga styles.
  • Perform a Google search to read reviews about Yoga instructors; this can help you choose an excellent DVD.

X. Yoga Mat Cleaners Buying Guide

Yoga mat cleaners are essential for your mat. With all the sweat you shed while practicing some of the advanced Yoga styles, a good mat cleaner should come in handy, to avoid bacteria developing on the mat. Your Yoga mat cleaner must keep your mat clean, disinfected and looked fresh. Yoga mats need to be cleaned regularly because sweat and dirt easily accumulate on it.

Here is a buying guide:

  • Buy a mat cleaner that is safe to use around people and pets.
  • Go for environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Your cleaner must have a sweet scent; the scent can sometimes help you relax and enjoy your workout.
  • Natural cleaners are like a tradition for Yoga mats, make sure the cleaner is natural and non-toxic.
  • The cleaner must easily remove sweat and all sort of dirt on the mat.
  • It must work on any Yoga material.


Nowadays, a lot of people are opting in for Yoga classes, to connect their body, mind, and soul. Yoga offers sanctuary to everyone that comes to it, and it is not discriminatory or gender bias.

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