Software Quality Testing: Manual Vs Automated

This article takes you through the importance of software testing services. Also, find out the difference between manual testing and automated testing.

Testing plays an important role for your software during the development phase. There are several procedures discovered to detect coding errors, integration errors, and software bugs. All these procedures can be categorically divided into two parts, namely (i) manual testing and (ii) automated testing. While their aim is same, however, they are different from each other in terms of effectiveness and methods.

Let’s find about them.

Automated testing consists of test scripts or automated tools for executing predefined actions to find bugs in the user environment. Test scripts are used to compare whether or not the code is giving the desired outputs. Automated testing gets an upper hand, because it can be run as per the requirement again and again.

Quality assurance and testing teams usually prefer this sort of testing over manual testing when it comes to having the same tests multiple times. Why? Well, it’s more cost-effective and reliable. Testing a software with automated tools is beneficial if you can invest the time necessary to develop the tools first.

On the other hand, manual testing involves the role of an experienced tester, who plays an intended end-user. While employing humans to test software products could be quite expensive, the benefits of manual testing make it popular, even when the automated tools exist too.

As per a report, 80–85% of testing is done by experienced testers. Despite the fact that manual testing is older and is considered laborious, many companies rely on it. Reason being is the human factor. Employing an experienced tester is beneficial, as he can document necessary data or record any unforeseen bugs that pop up.

Although both automated testing and manual testing are different from each other, however, they can be combined together to make sure that the final outcome satisfies the end goal. Today, there are many companies that offer both types of quality assurance testing services and one can choose as the requirement.

If you’re looking for a company to get your software product developed, make sure you also give time to the testing phase. Quality assurance testing service is important to take into account even if you’ve the urgency of launch your software in the marketplace. Luckily, there are many companies to choose from, however, this doesn’t make your job easy at all. Determine your needs first and then look for the right company. Hiring any company randomly or blindly isn’t a good decision and doing so may take you to the slippery slope of loss.

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