Harvesting the New Crop of Cannabis Content Creators

Family, welcome.

For too long our people have wandered the app stores without a home to truly call our own. We’ve come to change that, and offer a long-overdue refuge for the global cannabis audience.

Welcome to Toke With, a new app created to unite cannabis enthusiasts, industry professionals, and content creators through the power of interactive, live video.

We believe in the unifying power of content, it’s ability to bring people together, and it’s criticality to creating community. For this reason, we vow to always protect cannabis content creators on our platform, which was built specifically with their needs in mind.

Our mission is to amplify our community’s most influential voices, expressive artists, and authentic content creators and to connect them with like-minded audiences across the globe. We intend to unite the world’s most superb stoners by offering:

  1. Live Cannabis Media

When it’s LIVE it’s REAL. We empower all of our users to take advantage of the most captivating social medium. Interactive, live video is not only highly engaging, it serves as a transparent, trustworthy, and effective way to foster genuine interaction. Whether you’re a solo smoker sharing your post-workday sesh or a well-known content creator with an army of followers, Toke With gives you a way to achieve the following:

  • Spark live conversations about cannabis-related products and topics, including glass blowing, creative rolling, ganja yoga, canna-cuisine, and much more.
  • Get answers to medical, legal, and business-related questions by asking industry experts and professionals in the field.
  • Review brands and dispensaries in a transparent and trustworthy way.
  • And of course, you will always have someone to virtually Toke With!

2. Safehaven for Creators

Many creators in our community have been targeted by undue anti-cannabis policies on mainstream social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to name a few. Building a significant following and maintaining strong social media presence are vital aspects of contemporary marketing, and being unfairly disadvantaged by mainstream platforms is devastating to influencers and small businesses in our community.

Go live on Toke With knowing your account will never be purged or shut down for posting weed-centric content. In fact, it’s quite the contrary–we protect our content creators and feature their work. So, you can rest easy as you build your following, promote your brand, and spread vital information that will benefit the community as a whole.

3. Features for OUR Community

Our rich culture and burgeoning industry now demand a dedicated platform for sharing canna-content and connecting with the cannabis audience–so we built one. Users can easily browse real product-specific reviews, search tagged marijuana strains, or find endless streams of entertaining content published by members of the community. Liking content through multiple hearts just wasn’t enough, so we allow you to send toke clouds to broadcasters in streams in an effort to facilitate even more authentic interactions true to our weed culture.

Toke With is a place for our community, by our community. If your content is relevant to the cannabis audience, Toke With aims to empower you to better reach the people who will understand, support, or most need your message.

It doesn’t matter how cannabis fits into your life, whether you are a diehard smoker or simply canna-curious; we want you to know that Toke With is a platform for YOU!

You deserve a home. Now, you have one.


Download Toke With for FREE on the App Store and Google Play. For more information please visit tokewithapp.com.