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Milena Dabova in the Garden of the Gods. Photo by Kevin Gutting for the Daily Hampshire Gazette

We at Double Edge wanted to thank everyone who came to see this year’s Summer Spectacle 6 Feet Apart, All Together, and also share some responses that we received from the audience. We are so grateful to everyone who came to see the performance, and to everyone who has supported us in the last several months. Since we came home suddenly in the middle of our national & international tour, our community has been there for us. You have renewed memberships, come for socially distant walks, offered local partnerships, and donated materials. We were not at all sure that this performance would be possible, and with only 40% of our normal audience size, it is unfamiliar territory for all of us. But we know it is important. There is something wondrous about doing live theatre in the era of COVID-19 — reinventing our approach with safety and imagination. …

A reflection & sharing by Travis Coe, a 25 year-old Afro-Latinx man born in Elizabeth, NJ and currently an Associate Ensemble Member at Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA.

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SUGA rehearsal photo (February 2019) by Kim-Chin Gibbons

What breaks my heart some days is that my family comes from many places, but our history was not written down in an accessible way. I don’t know where my far back ancestors specifically came from. I don’t know anything about our old kingdom. The possible kings and queens in my ancestry. I haven’t had this privilege as a black and latinx person. I keep searching and searching. There have been name changes due to necessity, desire to rebuild, due to fear. I am crying as I write this because I will probably never know. …

Stacy Klein is the Founder and Artistic Director of Double Edge Theatre, a 37-year-old ensemble theatre based in Ashfield, MA. Geddy Aniksdal is a director and actor of Grenland Friteater, an independent theatre founded in 1976 in Porsgrunn, Norway. The two groups have worked together in different ways for close to thirty years. …

A reflection & sharing by Travis Coe, a 25 year-old Afro-Latinx man born in Elizabeth, NJ and currently an Associate Ensemble Member at Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA.

All photographs are taken by Kim Chin-Gibbons.

When I was a little chitlin’ my motha told me, my brotha and my sista that “we could be any color de la flor we wanted to be. And that one day we were gonna grow big, strong and beautiful.” And my sista said, “Aye mommy, I want to be a yellow flower, or maybe a blue flower or maybe a red flower. Like the ones growing in our garden.” I knew that this conversation was in my dream — en mi sueño because we didn’t have a garden of flowers at my childhood home — only dirt with scatterings of cinderblocks, wood and steel on top of it. And my brotha cried out, “Gurl! Make up your damn mind already. Listen, I’m content being a rotten brown flower.” And when it came to me I said “I want to be todos los colores. …

A recollection of self-reflection

by Kim Chin-Gibbons

Double Edge’s internship program offers administration and production opportunities to people looking for something different and interested in a deep, inside learning experience about how Double Edge functions day to day. Kim Chin-Gibbons, a musician, photographer, and soon-to-be college freshman, has spent 18 months with us as a Marketing Intern.

During the winter of 2016, I came to Double Edge as a musician for the Ashfield Town Spectacle Open Sessions. …

by Iveliz Martel, 2018 Fall Immersion

Click here to view the Spanish version.

When I decided to come to Double Edge from Chile, I didn’t know much about the theater company. I didn’t want to learn too much about their work beforehand to avoid thinking about whether or not I would “survive” their rigorous training program. I knew it was very physical. I also knew that vigor was used as a way to access places within the artist’s instrument that otherwise would be hard to explore.

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Photo by Kim Chin-Gibbons

“There are things that are not sayable. That’s why we have art.” -Leonora Carrington

Now that I have less than a month left before going back to my country, I want to share part of my experience as a student since I arrived at Double Edge, and how training with the company has been for me. …

Double Edge Theatre is celebrating 25 years in Ashfield this year, and as part of this profound milestone we asked several citizens of Ashfield to share their thoughts as together we look back at these years of art and community — what we call Living Culture.

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Photo by Carrie Cranston from the Ashfield Town Spectacle.

Phil Pless is a long-time member of DE who performed with us at The Ashfield Town Spectacle and Culture Fair. He is a real estate agent who facilitated the sale of the former Fitzgerald Dairy Farm to Double Edge.

I first met Stacy and members of Double Edge in 1993. It was a winter day and all these city folk wanted to walk the land of this dairy farm I had for sale. It was a cold day with over a foot of snow on the ground. They had older style long wool coats and poor footwear, but we trudged around. I shook my head wondering what they’re thinking. …

A Double Edge look-book on the past, and the journey to present day

“some of the best theatre there is” — Jesse Seaver from The Huffington Post, August 26, 2015

As we celebrate our 25th year anniversary at the Farm, we joined together to make a series of “historical highlights” to bring you through the story of Double Edge history. We wanted to showcase both the never-before seen archives of our work, and familiar memories that our friends can look back on and enjoy with us. This celebratory flash back in time began when Associate Ensemble Member Travis Coe wanted to seek out Double Edge’s hidden gems for the world to see. …

by Stacy Klein, Founder & Artistic Director

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Jennifer Johnson as Leonora Carrington in Leonora & Alejandro: La Maga y el Maestro. Photo by David Weiland

In the late 1980’s-early 1990’s, after returning from another of many tours to central Europe, I envisioned and named the theatre a center of Living Culture. Although its meaning seemed clear enough to me, since that time I (and other ensemble members) have spent many a writing moment trying to define that vision to our community, and perhaps to ourselves.

In the midst of repression, rationing, and institutional violence, central Europe of the 80’s was at the same time flourishing with culture. Music, dance, and theatre were a daily part of the fabric of life. Writing, in spite of censorship, flourished. …

Double Edge Theatre

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