The Journey — Our Journey

We are almost here(finally). We have our tweaks made, our bugs squashed and our concept nailed. Now it’s time to share this idea with everyone so it can reach it’s full potential. We won’t lie, it is long overdue and there were a few unexpected setbacks out of our hands. Like most companies starting out you are advised to set goals and deadlines and the rest will work itself out. What they don’t tell you about is the bumps and curveballs they throw at you along the way, and we have received our fair share. But we are confident that now the old phrase will come to light. “It was worth the wait”.

We have done the graft with the late nights, the 100 hour weeks all to bring Double-R-Quits to where it needs to be, and we have big plans. We are going to be the biggest and best eSports platform in Ireland, where you will be able to pit your skills and your ego’s against each other for cash prizes. From quick head to head to bigger featured tournaments, to tournaments you can create between friends.

FIFA 17 will prove, and has proven to be one of our main titles on offer. Now anyone who plays knows how it works. You could lose 10 games in a row to your mate and still be convinced that you are still the best player there is and them 10 wins were somehow just a once off. Sound familiar? That’s probably because you’re useless……

Jokes aside(and a bad one at that), FIFA 17 has released a cool new feature called ‘The Journey’, something that hasn’t featured in any of the games before that. And it’s ironic in a weird way to the same journey we have taken as a company. For those of you who are unfamiliar this is the games summary of the feature:

“A touted prospect, Alex Hunter is on a journey to make his mark in the Premier League. Emerging as one of the best young prospects in the academy, the expectations are high and the opportunity is there for Alex to perform on the world’s biggest stage.”

A bit of a wild comparison but you catch my drift… I hope. Let me explain. We now are like a young Alex Hunter with more than enough potential. Not only do we feel we can perform on the biggest stage but we also believe we can be the very best on the biggest stage.

So make sure you join this mass movement that is the DRQ nation and make sure you get involved and get what you deserve from gaming. Maybe you too can make your own Alex Hunter story, because I can assure you at some stage in the near future, we will be the biggest stage to perform on.

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