Today is a special day.

Our first travel adventure together as well as our first EDM concert and beach camp-out in Laiya, Batangas, Philippines for Sandstorm 2014

20 months and eagerly going strong! Wow! Surely this has gone far beyond what I’ve expected of myself. Having said that, I would not have grown even stronger if not for you, Mr. Jessant Deblois.

2 years ago, I officially started working as a writer after three years of struggling to apply as one using a portfolio that was actually just a compilation of rants and word vomit from two online personal blogs and several folders worth of college angst. I thought I finally reached a goal. But I felt something missing. I didn’t know what was missing but I knew deep down something was. At that point I started searching. Searching for things at all the wrong places. The continuous searching cost me my first official writing job and a prospective love interest. Then, just as 2014 reared its head, it was as if the universe conspired and I accidentally found a post of someone who seemed lost. Lost. Just like me. I threw caution to the wind and clicked on that guy’s name. The chat box popped up and I said “Hi there.” Those were the two bravest words I have said in a long time.

1 year and 8 months have passed. And to think we first met in FB messenger both wondering who the heck added who as a friend. We shall never really know how we actually ended up as Facebook friends not actually knowing each other in person before that. But thank God we were already FB friends before we actually knew each other. It certainly made my first chat with you all the more… interesting. After that seemingly random encounter in one of the most frowned upon venues to meet someone new, i.e. social media, specifically Facebook — I have found someone who understands me more than I truly understand myself. I found you Jess.

The guy who is making my journeys all the more worthwhile.

1 year and 8 months now of continuously understanding each other and loving each other is more than I could’ve imagined as I think back on what my idea of love was when I was exactly your present age. Never have I found a person who, in such a wondrous young age, is far more open-armed towards someone who has been to “hell and back”.

Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for saying yes when I asked you if you would want me to be your boyfriend at that Jollibee parking lot on that fateful evening of February 26, 2014. Thank you for saying yes again after I confided to you my personal status, situations and history. Thank you for accepting me.

Thank you for all your days off where you choose to be with me and my family and leaving your mom home alone. Thank you for always being there when I just wanted to end it all. Thank you for forgiving me when there were times I wasn’t immediately there for you especially that time when you got sick and had to go to the hospital. Thank you for expanding your patience towards me despite all the mood swings I experience. Thank you for just smiling back whenever I recall wrong your birthdate or our monthsary date. Thank you for always reminding me to take care of my son and not take him for granted. Thank you for loving him as one of your own. Thank you for being the ear to listen to whenever you’re with my mom. Thank you for slapping the back of my head so that I stop being a grouch to my mom and just talk to her constantly. Thank you for continuing to understand me.

Thank you for being the one who was with me for my very first EDM concert. Thank you for being my partner in that short stint as a club promoter which never really worked out. Thank you for just sitting on the driver side passenger seat and never really criticizing me on how much I can be a douche driver. Thank you for relentlessly trying to hold my hand when I needed to use two hands to take a sharp left turn. Thank you for just enjoying the simplest of pleasures with me — food!

“The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach,” — our unspoken daily mantra.

Thank you for introducing me to some of your closest friends. Thank you for letting me introduce you to my family and closest friends. Thank you for jumping into all the crazy business ideas I come up with but never really follow suit… yet. Thank you for being the one who I can proudly hold hands with or kiss in public. Thank you for trying so hard to lay your head on my shoulder despite me being a few “very noticeable” inches shorter than you. Thank you for being overly competitive at spotting who is the cutest stranger we can see and say “mine” as we sit sipping glorified, over-priced “coffee” during our chill days. Thank you for trying to like my taste in music and entertainment despite me teasing you with your taste in music and entertainment. Thank you for constantly reminding me how much I love you. Thank you for being you.

20 months of adventures and I so look forward to the next months, the next years of you being with me. I look forward to the obstacles we will crush or go over. I look forward to our continued journey together in life Jessant. Happy 20th month babe!

me being a few “very noticeable” inches shorter than him :P