A Reparative List For Your Male-Dominated Design Conference.

This public document is a list of incredible women who work in design, as recommended by those who admireĀ them.

This list resides on Google Docs and is publicly editable. It contains names and short descriptions of women in design from all over the world.

The names have been offered by peers and admirers, and range from graduates to VPs. As well as being spectacularly good at what they do, these women have been recommended because they are also inspiring leaders, agents of change, or community advocates.

Male-dominated design events are not just exclusionary: they cannot properly represent the full scope and power of design through the people who work within it. Lacking diversity means losing imperative knowledge and relevance that conferences exist to promote.

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Bonnie Abbott is a Melbourne-based designer, writer and researcher, and co-founder of Double Days. She is currently working on Design Infidelity.