Concept art…and concept art.

So! We’re leaving a trail of breadcrumbs so future game devs can learn from our mistakes and make their games better. I’m Doubtful Andrew, 48% of Doubtful Games. I’ll be writing about Art, Game Design, and Animation.

Here’s what I’ve been doing today: drawing concept art. (I learned enough digital painting to be dangerous at Ctrl+Paint, it’s free)

I’m designing our world mostly based on Brutalist Architecture, so I’m drawing brutes.

First thing I learned: when you infuse a little bit of the color from the sky into the shadows of your image, it fits the environment. It’s more atmospheric. It looks better. Look:

Cool! I learned this after I was lazy with the color picker and got some pink in my grey.

Second thing I learned: work from reference. Don’t steal/copy pictures you don’t own, but work from reference. It makes everything so much more detailed and great. You’ll never get all of those details from memory.

Third thing I learned: Repeating textures are awesome in Photoshop! Just use the “distort” tool (edit>transform>distort) to copy them all over the place, getting the perspective right, of course. Here’s the texture I used:

Here’s where to find distort in Photoshop:

The final concept art is below. It’s not finished, but this is how far I got with this work session. It’s still pretty rough, but taking shape!

There we go.