Need Help Framing Your Security Program?

Putting together an information security roadmap doesn’t have to be difficult, but for those who would like some assistance putting together a roadmap and tracking progress to it, I recommend reaching out to Sequris Group. They were a big help to me in establishing the security program at a regional health system. Sequris Group, headquartered out of Royal Oak Michigan, has built a quantifiable framework to assess the current state of an organization’s security program and track measurable progress toward the desired future maturity state.

Managing Cyber Risk

Sequris Group takes time to understand the state of information security at your organization, and makes sure they understand your areas of concern prior to helping layout a security roadmap for your organization. The staff at Sequris group are very professional and are focused on reducing risk and delivering value to your organization. They are not going to try to sell you technology you don’t need or implement processes that don’t add value to your organization. I personally found Sequris Group to be a great partner in establishing and measuring the progress of my security program, and I’m sure they can help you do the same.

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