300 Words or Less: Become Disciplined


I can’t find the strength to write this post but I know I have to find the courage. No. This post is not a post about 12-steps to something you already have but rather a journey.

Each day has to have a purpose. I want to be moving forward, even if it is advancing at the pace of a snail. I want to look at the people around me with kindness, empathy, and care.

But I can’t.

I smile. I act polite, and my soul feels good, but I am missing something. I am missing my purpose and the ability to get excited.

I need to lose 30 pounds and change my body composition. I know how to do it, and I know how long it will take, but I lack the discipline to eat clean, so I continue without purpose.

If I cannot manage my weight, I cannot control my life because I lack discipline.

It is not hard to not eat sugar.

It is not hard to work out in my garage gym.

It is not hard to eat clean.

It is not hard to do the work.

It is not hard to have discipline.

So, that is why I am writing this article. I have physical journals I write in, but here I want you to keep me accountable. I can write this in my journal, close the cover and poof, the accountability disappears.


This is an experiment for me to write 300 words per day, no more, but most of the time less and to become disciplined. Here is what you will not find here.


I will lose the 30 pounds and change my body composition and in the process. I will develop the habit of discipline.