Hey, Doug, I appreciate the feedback.
Rick Tastic

Yes. Your response was more than I expected, so thank you! I appreciate your writing style and your practice of writing have paid off and an inspiration for me.

I love writing, and I will feel more confident writing when I have a ruminating thought because of your response.

For example, when I am under stress and dealing with a new painful issue, I will ruminate over the problem looking for a logical answer. Sometimes I will contemplate for days until I figure out what my next step is and the dependencies and blockers.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the way you have embraced writing to deal with your pain and grow.

Lastly, creating a vision more significant than your pain is a genius solution. Thank you for sharing, I am going to draft a “dream so big” solution for my future and implement a pursuit of that vision tonight. Why wait, when you can act now.

Thank you, Rick!

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