An Open Letter to Members of the Electoral College

Doug Hughes
Dec 16, 2016 · 2 min read

Please -

Just a moment of your time — I am the mailman who flew a gyrocopter to land on the lawn of the US Capitol, protesting the control of big money in politics.

At times when the Republic is in greatest peril, men and women of courage step up. I believe we are in great peril, and it is your turn to step up. On the shoulders of handful of ordinary people, the future of our nation rests. This is how it should be.

You are not charged to rubber stamp the majority opinion of the voters of Florida — neither are you to ignore their voices. The US Constitution designed the Electoral College to safeguard the Republic against the persuasive powers of a demagogue.

There were times in the campaign when I thought Trump could be a conservative FDR who would place the needs of the country ahead of the elite. The cabinet choices he’s made demolish my hope. As people with government experience, Trump has rejected almost all his counselors who have government experience. He toyed with Rudy Guiliani and Chris Christie and Mitt Romney — rejecting them all. The cabinet is a collection of billionaires, generals with a frightening bend to spread unfounded conspiracy theories, and the same Goldman Sachs bankers Obama picked.

A Trump presidency will be a disaster for the republican party, for the people’s economy and for the country at large. You can avert it by sending the decision to the sober heads of the US House of Representatives. Members of your assembly have been threatened with jail in Colorado and electors in Texas report death threats from Trump supporters. I’m asking you to do something difficult and dangerous — and I rely on your courage and integrity as did the founders when they created your college to protect the people, if necessary, from themselves.

May God guide you in reaching a decision on which so many rely.


Doug Hughes

“If you scratch a cynic, you’ll find a disappointed idealist.

And the fire never goes out completely.” George Carlin

Doug Hughes

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Hello - I'm a mailman & pilot - the 'gyrocopter dude' who landed in front of the Capitol Bldg.