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Nov 29, 2016 · 3 min read

I Demand - Equality or Secession

I wrote the following letter to a friend in California and activist who will remain anonymous for now. Since I’m a resident of Florida, this idea must be spearheaded by a California resident. But the idea is national in scope, because we as a nation discovered in 2016 that in a country which praises equality among citizens, some enjoy a higher level of equality than the rest of us.

California has a unique opportunity to lead the country to real equality.

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November 28, 2016

My friend -

I don’t know if I ever mentioned, but I’m from Santa Cruz originally. Before the University was built, it was a coastal retirement community. It’s odd to visit my old home town because I see it with two sets of eyes — loving it as it was, regretting the congested metropolis that displaced the home of memory. Progress you must accept, even if you don’t like it. The Monterey Bay area is still so beautiful and the culture so special. Something was lost and something gained with expansion. The cross-pollination of ideas as unique as the natural beauty made me who I am.

California may have a pivotal role in the next four years — forcing issues to the surface for national discussion by non-violent confrontation. The California state constitution allows citizens to directly place issues before the voters thru referendum. In the ‘managed’ democracy we have, this is a most unmanageable feature. As the state with the largest economy, it’s potentially a chaotic feature. A little chaos can be a good thing.

I’d like to see California put secession on the ballot — I’d like the issue to have national support as the cornerstone of resistance not just to Trump, but to voter suppression, the electoral college structure and (most importantly) money in politics — all three have become the cornerstones of plutocracy. IF the wording was right, the secession would be rescinded automatically when California has equal representation in electing federal officials according to the standard — ‘One Person, One Vote’.

You’re a lawyer, so you appreciate that IF California seceded in 2018, the next step would be to petition the US Congress to pass a US Constitutional Amendment to codify the process. Given that California contributes about 300 Billion in federal taxes, none can expect Congress will be eager to allow California to leave. The gauntlet will be down — and that’s the point.

If the popular will was/is to secede, the governor could propose that the National Flag be taken down in front of state offices. A national flag of resistance, a liberal ‘confederate flag’ could be flown instead. Citizens of other states would be encouraged to join in support. The governor could declare that federal officials will be required to get a state passport to visit California under threat of arrest. A law could be proposed to collect and hold federal taxes from California in escrow, until the US Congress acts by either providing equal representation or granting independence. The proposed provisions of an amendment allowing secession (a gun to the head of Trump) should open the door for OTHER states to join. It should be noted that the 20 states that voted for Clinton provide HALF the tax base to the federal government.

Trump was and will be a polarizing figure who can energize liberals in a way that, frankly, we activists can’t. The ‘faux’ secession can be promoted as a move to UNITE the country under principles that the vast majority believe in. ‘One Person — One Vote’ says it all.

I haven’t been able to find the letter Jefferson reportedly wrote to a Russian ‘faux’ revolutionary in 1800 or later. As I remember the quote, Jefferson was critical of the half-measures the Russian was willing to take, observing that the Russian only wanted to turn down the temperature of Hell somewhat. There is so much we can NOT do (if you reject violent action, as I do) and crowds with megaphones and other half-measures won’t accomplish anything.

I really want to hear your thoughts — sometimes I forget that I’m just a mailman. This strategy (enhanced by the input of wiser men) seems to be the way to go — and this a pivotal moment in history when bold action can succeed in installing for the nation true equality and government which represents all the people (even conservatives) instead of special interests.


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