Departing the Federal Election Commission
Ann Ravel

I’ve followed your valiant attempts to deliver the promise of American democracy — free and fair elections — since I saw you and others addressing the components of corruption and the solutions to corruption in San Francisco in April 2013. I added my voice almost exactly 2 years later in Washington DC. Now. many millions have become aware and engaged in the non-partisan struggle to free our government from the control of big money.

Kudos to you for the efforts you have put into the fight over years and I’d remind you to look back at the passionate interest in solving this crisis which wasn’t there just 4 short years ago. Your efforts have not yet born fruit and the efforts within the structure of the FEC were doomed from the start, but not in vain. Many have joined the fight and if we can not win where you put up a struggle no one could improve on, we’re more aware of areas where we CAN make progress.

Hopefully, we will meet some day and I can thank you in person for the effort you’ve put into the fight. Before we’re finished, I’m confident that the citizens of this country will implement the reforms the FEC did not. Where victory comes from is not important — that we build a wall of separation between OUR government and big money is.

Apologies — I’ve run on too long where I intended a simple, ‘Thank You’.