Fawkes was a monarchist, but…

A warm and happy Guy Fawkes Night to you this night! <! — — insert relevant emojis here — — >

All over the UK people will make bonfires, burn models of Mr Fawkes and light fireworks. It’s a celebration that some hundreds of years ago one bunch of people of one religion failed to kill the king who was of the other religion. Mr Fawkes was found guarding 36 barrels of gunpowder under the House of Lords and was then promptly (gruesomely) executed.

Now Mr Fawkes was not an anarchist and the event is now mostly about firework sales. However, for a bunch of people it’s still about killing. Not people, but concepts: that in order for things to work and progress we need a king, we need rulers, we need hierarchies. We don’t. But if we still want to organize we’ll need to do something differently. Let’s figure out how.

Interested? Some people are already trying things. Check out the concepts behind consensus (implemented in Loomio), Liquid Democracy, (implemented in LiquidFeedback), creative collaboration (see Dragon Dreaming, Art of Hosting), trustful autonomy (see the Advice Process, Doocracy), better voting system (Range (a.k.a Score) voting and Approval Voting), better production frameworks (see Scrum), crypto-currencies, group facilitation and many things I do not not yet know about.

Most importantly, try. Anything, everything, iteratively.

If you want to continue the conversation with me and others, check out yunity.