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By Steve Ingram

Hi, my name is Steve Ingram; I’m a registered Republican, a veteran and I’m voting for Doug Jones. When I needed help, Doug had my back.

My dad served 20 years in the U.S. Navy, enlisting right out of high school and working his way to a commission, ultimately retiring as a Lieutenant. Other than an occasional “Thank you for your service,” there remain few benefits for our service members who gave (and continue to give) so much to preserve our freedom and our way of life. …

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When Doug talks about this campaign being about “One Alabama,” it’s more than just a slogan or an idea.

One Alabama is commitment. It’s a vision for our future. It’s a movement that reaches beyond partisanship and politics to guarantee more opportunities for our children and grandchildren, and a brighter future for the state of Alabama. Doug understands that we have more in common than what divides us and he understands that in order for Alabama to move forward, we need practical, common-sense solutions to kitchen table issues.

Doug has worked to make his vision of One Alabama a reality. During his time in the Senate, Doug has consistently reached across the aisle to work hand-in-glove with both Republicans and Democrats — and in just three years, he’s had 21 bipartisan bills signed into law by the president. …

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From now until October 29, in Alabama, every day is Election Day.

As the coronavirus persists, Alabamians across our state have been rightfully concerned about the safety of in-person voting. With the future of our democracy and the soul of our nation on the ballot, it is no exaggeration to call this the most important election of our lifetimes.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic you can vote in-person absentee. From now until October 29th anyone concerned about their health and COVID-19 is entitled to vote absentee, either in-person or by mail. …


Doug Jones for Senate

We’re Team Doug — we believe there is more that unifies us than divides us. We’re working for #OneAlabama. Official account of Doug Jones for Senate.

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