When Doug talks about this campaign being about “One Alabama,” it’s more than just a slogan or an idea.

One Alabama is commitment. It’s a vision for our future. It’s a movement that reaches beyond partisanship and politics to guarantee more opportunities for our children and grandchildren, and a brighter…

Go to onealabamavotes.com to find out how you can cast your ballot.

From now until October 29, in Alabama, every day is Election Day.

As the coronavirus persists, Alabamians across our state have been rightfully concerned about the safety of in-person voting. …

On Tuesday, Doug was joined by a bipartisan group of senators to once again read Dr. King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. We wanted to share Doug’s reflections on what Dr. King’s powerful words mean to him, and all of us in this powerful moment of change.

Listen to Doug’s…
“Thank you Frontline Workers, First Responders, Law Enforcements, Health Care Workers, Grocery Workers, Delivery Workers etc… Thank you to all Essential Workers for your service! We Salute You! #OneAlabama” — Casey Eggleston

Saturday Team Doug took a moment to come together and say thank you to every worker on the frontline of the COVD-19 crisis here in Alabama.

Thank you to everyone who joined in as One Alabama to express their gratitude for all our essential workers. We’re stronger when we support our community together.

Let’s show our support to our frontline workers everyday by listening to healthcare professionals and staying safe. Remember, your neighbors health is dependent on yours, and vice versa. If we keep that in mind, we will get through this crisis together as #OneAlaabama.

Check out how folks from Huntsville to Mobile said ‘Thank you’ to our folks on the frontline.

Team Doug is taking a moment to revisit and share some of Dr. King’s most powerful words: his Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Words will always come up short when it comes to trying to describe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and the impact he has had on Alabama and the country. So today, Team Doug is taking a moment to revisit and share some of Dr. …

Doug Jones for Senate

We’re Team Doug — we believe there is more that unifies us than divides us. We’re working for #OneAlabama. Official account of Doug Jones for Senate.

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