Two years ago today, we made history

By: Team Doug

December 12, 2017 was an historic day in Alabama and across the country. Two years ago, the people of Alabama came together to send a powerful message of unity and hope and elected Doug Jones to be their United States Senator.

As we head into the new year, here on Team Doug we’re reflecting on how we won in 2017, what we have accomplished since then, and our hopes for the future.

Doug said it in his acceptance speech in 2017 and he says it to this day: the 2017 election wasn’t about him and it wasn’t about Roy Moore — it was about the people of Alabama. Folks from across the state worked together to spread Doug’s message of unity over division and respect over vitriol. Doug won with the help of people from all backgrounds, races and religions who showed up from every corner of Alabama to knock doors, make phone calls and make their voices heard at the ballot box on election day. And with the support of voters, volunteers and engaged communities, we’ll win again in 2020.

When we win again in November, it will be because we have worked to unite and build up the people of this state from the very beginning.

And over the last two years, in the Senate and on the campaign trail, Doug has not forgotten his promise to work on behalf of everyone in Alabama. He’s stayed focused on the kitchen table issues like the economy, education, healthcare, veterans’ issues and support for the military. And recently Doug has secured some major victories for Alabama.

Doug’s bipartisan bill to repeal the military widow’s tax was included in the National Defense Authorization Act and is expected to be signed into law. This is a huge victory for our military families, whose spouses earned their survivor benefits with their service and their lives.

Doug has also been working with his Senate colleagues to secure permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and minority-serving institutions. As Alabama has more HBCUs than any other state in the nation, this is a top priority for students, teachers, administrators and communities across the state. This week Doug’s hard work paid off with the approval of the FUTURE Act in the House and Senate, sending the bill to the President’s desk to be signed into law.

From working to expand Medicaid, supporting rural teachers and nurses, training workers and making Alabama a safer place to live for children and families, there are many issues that we’re proud to have Doug working on.

And December 12th is a special day for Doug not only because it was election day, but it was also his 25th wedding anniversary! We couldn’t be prouder to be on Louise and Doug’s team, and we’re looking forward to bringing the enthusiasm, energy and support that led us to victory in 2017 to the campaign trail in 2020.

When we win again in November, it will be because we have worked to unite and build up the people of this state from the very beginning.

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