What I think Google Photos needs to fix

Google Photos is slowly moving towards the level of Picassa. And the facial recognition has nailed it! Kudos on getting that almost feature complete.

These are the things desperately needed:

1. While I know, no picture or videos become public unless expressly done, But I'd be good to have maybe a way to hid these private personal experiences, that say I wouldn’t want my Mother to run across them. That’s how she learned about non-visible piercings I have. An awkward conversation then ensued.

2. Some duplication detection, as most of us, has ended up uploading photos from different services, etc. We also can’t make a real comparison once the pictures have been modified to be able to use the unlimited space.

3. It would be a huge benefit to be able to sort lists, like Things, People, Albums, etc.

4. Tagging of individuals that didn’t get recognized by the Algorithms. It’s not bad, but this might be useful to help the learning part of the algorithm that misses people.

5. Sometimes I’d like to remove a person that Google Photos captured in a photo. Google Photos has this issue when the photo has a crowd.

6. #Hashtags. The ability to tag would come in handy.

7. Capacity to merge albums, and again during that process, I believe there is something already in place, or at least partially to prevent duplication,

8. Ability to correct or add location information. I would think it could be storable in the EXIF fields. Maybe allow the viewing of EXIF info. The estimate location fails terribly, and I have to either live with it or delete it. Doesn’t allow me to see EXIF info to see what’s wrong.

9. Maybe come up with a better way to describe shared albums. It would be easier if you could just add an album to the shared as one thing.

10. Come up with a final resolution to the intermixed mess that is Google Drive and Google Photos. I resorted to pulling images into my Mac, having it try to delete dupes but it’s a horrible time sink.

11. I have been starting to experiment with say creating a new album then throwing everything at it Be a good feature if during the process if it is just not moving duplicates into the new album, ideally if it could move the ones that would be duped to say an album called dupes.

My overall thought of Google Photos:
It’s bringing back the features many of us miss from Picassa. But kudos to the continued improvements. It has come a long way, and speaking only for myself; it has turned me around from looking at alternatives to store my photo/Video libraries

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