Is your vision SMALL enough?

How to build legacy

Last weekend, I was sitting in church expecting the worst. I had just realized that we had a guest missionary who would be preaching. Now, I have nothing against guests and nothing against missionaries but most of the time when I have found myself in this scenario, it’s been the worst.

I would soon find out that this day would be different.

This missionary said something in the very beginning of his sermon that really got my attention.

Is your vision small enough?

What? Small enough? Huh? I thought I had maybe dozed off and misheard.

Then he said it again,

“Is your vision small enough?”

He went on to tell a story about when he was in the ministry in America he was speaking to huge groups of people. Then, he felt called to Guatemala.

Not long after arriving in Guatemala he found himself struggling to speak to a handful of children. His Spanish wasn’t good and he was embarrassed to even try. So some of the children took his materials and we’re teaching them for him. As he sat on the concrete watching children teaching his material, he began to wonder if he had made the right choice. Just then, one of the children came up behind him and hugged him. And then another. And then another. It was in that moment when he realized that he was there for them. Gabby, Rodrego, Sandy, Lucas, Mateo, they were the vision.

He realized that his vision had been too large. Perhaps, having a vision small enough to love, care for, and adore these children (one at a time) was the best way to make the greatest impact. (Full video of the message HERE)

As I sat listening in our crowded, old church I noticed the brick walls that were all around me if for some reason I made a connection between the missionaries words that were flowing through the air and the old brick walls that surrounded me.

I realized that the building that I was sitting in was at one time a big vision for someone. I don’t know when, but at some point there was a pastor who had a big dream to build the vary building I was enjoying. And as those bricks were being laid one by one the workers had to have a very small vision about each brick. Kind of like the missionary who invested a small vision into one child at a time.

It reminded me of my post about legacy last week and how I tend be a pretty big thinker and think way in the future.

Perhaps the answer isn’t to have a really big vision or to have a really small vision. Maybe, The answer is to have a deliberate vision that we make practical everyday.

So as you think about your big vision for the future ask yourself, “Is my vision small enough to make practical today?”

If you lay your bricks with care & love today, you are sure to build a life that you will be proud of.

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