Just Do Something

A intervention for anyone who feels stuck

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If you feel stuck, remember, it’s just a feeling. It’s not reality.

You can make a [courageous] choice to take action.

Here are a 5 practical do’s and 5 practical don’t(s) when it comes to getting unstuck:

1) Don’t Over Think

When I type in an address into a GPS, I look at two things, the destination and the first turn. Starting something new is kind of like that. You don’t need to know every turn. You can’t. A thousand things will change as you move forward. There will be construction, pit stops, roadblocks, trains crossing, pedestrians, cyclists, lions tigers, and bears, Oh my!

The point: You cant possibly know the entire route before you start. If you’re going to do something worthwhile, start with an intended destination and a first turn. Who knows? Your journey might just lead to a better destination than you planned.

There is nothing else you need to know.

2) Don’t look for a sign

Don’t wait for a sign. Why? Because you already have it. I write more about that here:

3) Don’t wait for tomorrow

Tomorrow is a mythical land where all your dreams come true. And the only way to get to tomorrow is to work toward it today.

Tomorrow is not promised. You have no idea what might be around the corner. So, do something today while you still have time.

Like the Stoics would remind themselves daily,

Memento Mori: Remember your death.

One day there will be no tomorrow. Today is your day.

4) Don’t worry about critics

When you start something, remember, no one is really going to care (at first). Did the sound harsh? Sorry.

The truth is, everyone is busy dealing with their own thing. They don’t think about you nearly as often as you’d like.

Example: As you’ve read this article, have you been thinking about me? Hoping I got a good night sleep last night? Wondering if I felt satisfied with my relationships? Praying I get the appreciation and recognition I deserve? OF COURSE NOT. You’ve been thinking about you this whole time, haven’t you?

Don’t let yourself get caught in the untrue belief that the world revolves around you.

Don’t worry about the critics. Do you, Boo.

5) Don’t be too serious

This. Just this.


Jason and I talked about this idea at length on my Podcast, Mastering Mentorship. Check it out here:


1) Take the first step (today)

Don’t wait for tomorrow. In fact, stop reading this and go do something.

2) Think of it as an adventure

Adventures are fun, sometimes. They can also be scary and every possible emotion in between. Choose a life filled with adventure. When you’re old, your stories will be better.

3) Get excited

Emotion is the fuel that drives all action. Find something to stand for (or stand against) and you’ll know what to do.

4) Click Publish

As Seth Godin says, “Just ship it”. Get a minimum viable product out into the word. Then, fix the plane while you’re flying it. That’s what we did with Off The Top. In fact, we talked about it here:

Last Thing: Quit but never give up

If it’s not working, try something else. Change direction, turn around, try again, then again.

Keep working. Keep exploring, keep going. Quit all you want but don’t you ever give up.

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