In the bloody footsteps of those who fought before us, we will prevail.

I choose action.

I will not break.

I will not stop until Republicans bend to our will.

Fifty years ago, Republicans chose to fan the flames of racial ire in the cotton-pickin’ South.


Because Democrats had orchestrated the Civil Rights Act, promising equality to black Americans. Republicans said, “How dare black people have the right to work and live where they want.”

Forty years ago, Republicans convinced even more white racist evangelicals to turn their tax-free churches into bullying pulpits, threatening congregants to vote Republican for vile reasons:

To stop women's rights. To vilify women workers. To interfere in women's healthcare and life choices.

Thirty years ago, Republicans increased their attacks on Americans for being gay and in love. They even ran TV commercials damning LGBTQ Americans and “San Francisco” values. That was their means to gain power through the homophobic votes of evangelicals, sewing hatred in Jesus’ name.

But something happened that Republicans didn't plan on.

Time twisted.

Americans slowly saw the light.

We rejected Republican racism.

We rejected Republican sexism.

We rejected Republican homophobia.

Along the way, we became more open-minded people, exposing each other to the wonders of our heritages and lives.

Along the way, Republicans became more corrupt, siding with bigots and born-wealthy billionaires over hard-working Americans.

We the people don't believe in Republicanism anymore.

Look at any polls of American people, and you'll see the goodness in our hearts.

We want equality.

We want good health.

And we want financial stability — not just for the decaying old inheritors of wealth — we want economic security for all.

But as you know, we are torn asunder by the Republican forces of division and bigotry.

You already know the details of this story.


Puerto Rico.

And now, to my heart's furious anger, Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is my home.

Las Vegas is where my friends — my brothers and sisters by choice — live, and work, and play.

We are millions strong.

Sunday night, a madman carried hundreds of pounds of war machines and ammunition up to his hotel room, and he turned out the lights behind the eyes of my brothers and sisters.

“There's nothing we can do,” Republicans said afterward, as they counted fresh money from the National Rifle Association.

There's nothing we can do, says our Republican governor — a man who refuses to enact gun control measures we voters passed last year.

There’s nothing we can do, says our Republican attorney general — who also refuses to enact the gun control we voted for at the ballot box last year, thumbing his nose at our democracy.

There's nothing we can do, says the Republican Congress — they who have bought houses on the largess of the National Rifle Association.

And the president.

Nothing we can do, he says.

It’s not surprising Republicans think there's nothing they can do.

They've been impotent do-nothings in the face of horrific tragedy for fifty years.

When Republicans talk about guns, they say, “Laws don't stop criminals,” as if we don't need police or to lock our doors.

Ask yourself: What was the last bold thing Republicans did that made this country better?

It wasn't when they were standing in the way of President Obama for eight years.

It wasn't when they treasonously colluded with Russia to rig our voting system in American states last year.

It wasn't when they spent the entirety of 2017 trying to kill cancer babies and grandmothers, and making your insurance rates go up, even as Republicans took more money from CEOs and evangelicals.

And it's not now, as they fight tooth and nail to protect the rights of terrorists to buy weapons of mass destruction on American soil in order to gun down our brothers and sisters.

My friends.

My family.

I know it's a maddening time to be alive in this fiery moment on this beautiful blue planet.

I know you want to give up, sometimes.

I know you have days and nights when you feel low.

When you feel like the mountain is too high to climb.

But we climb together.

The way we climb together is, we bind each other with hope and we climb this mountain, all of us, one step at a time.

We do not look back.

We do not look down.

We don't leave each other behind.

Republicans will try to impede our path, because that's who they are.

They call themselves conservative, because they want to conserve the status quo against the betterment of progress.

The conservative motto is, “I've got mine, I don't care if you've got nothing, I don't even care if you get gunned down in a hail of NRA bullets. I've got mine, and you can't have it.”

Rotten, spoiled children.

Do not expect Republicans to help us climb this mountain.

You cannot reason with a wall.

You just have to scale the wall and climb the mountain.

One step at a time.

They call us The Resistance.

Resistance is what a weightlifter uses to build muscle.

The muscles we use to make America better are getting stronger, day by day, and it scares Republicans to death.

They call us snowflakes, because snowflakes are individual miracles of spectacular beauty. Republicans do not understand miracles.

They call us socialists, because we believe in each other, instead of just selfishness and greed.

I call us love.

I call us strength.

I call us the power to be.

We are the future.

We are together.

We are one.

Let's make this vow together.

I feel your aches and pains, because they are mine.

You feel my fury in sorrow, because it's yours.

Together, we will feel the glory of the mountaintop, just as the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. promised us fifty years ago, before he was gunned down.

In the bloody footsteps of those who fought before us, we will stand on top of the mountain.

We will feel the light of love.

And we will know nothing could have ever stopped us.