The Asian Holocaust Killed Twice As Many People As The Nazis Did
Josh O’Connor

The Japanese were brutal conquerors in World War II. They committed murders on scale rivaling Genghis Khan. No one should forget that. I don’t think anyone has.

What the Chinese seem bent on tossing down the memory hole are the mass murders committed by the Chinese Communist Party. Best estimates are that somewhere between 20–100 million people were murdered or died of Party-mandated starvation during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, far, far more than the Japanese killed in the Sino-Japanese War and World War II. Try to find a book about these crimes anywhere on the mainland. Forget it — they’re banned. Try discussing these crimes on Chinese social media — forget it, that’s censored. In 1984, the Party actually conducted an investigation of some 9,000 murders committed during the Cultural Revolution in one country in Hubei Province. The investigation uncovered the names of those who ordered and carried out those murders (they were all Party cadres or militiamen). Were any charged, punished or even named publicly? Hell, no. The report was buried in China (although the information in it was later published in the West in The Killing Wind, by Tan Hecheng) and apparently no other investigations were ever carried out. So please, don’t lecture us about Japanese war crimes. First, let’s have a discussion, in China, of the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party and the individuals who committed those crimes.

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