Douglas Holloway | The Most Effective Way To Source A Marketing And Sales Consultant

Douglas Holloway

Douglas Holloway is as of now a business expert for Wyndham Vacation Ownership and a vital counsel and business administrator for the Estate of really popular jazz craftsman Thelonious Monk. Beforehand he was President Multi Channel Distribution for Particle Media Networks.

This idea behind this article is to give a general scope of the type of consulting work undertaken by marketing and sales consultants and the issues they solve. This will enable you to identify potential marketing and sales problem areas your own firm may be having and help you find a consultant who can offer effective solutions.

Marketing and sales can be defined as the promotion of a product or service. It is the processes of creating and delivering goods or services that have value for customers and clients. Each promotional campaign will be unique in its own character depending very much on the nature of the product being sold. There are generally considered to be two procedures involved in a given campaign: ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ marketing. The former concerns itself with the scrutiny of the competition, product positioning and calculating the best price point. In other words it’s an analysis of the market, the type of customers and how best to engage those customers. Outbound marketing focuses more on the actual advertising, pr and the final sales of the product in question. Clearly there are a number of elements that go towards managing a successful advertising campaign.

Sales in contrast, is the art of generating potential new customers and creating a large number of client leads who are in need of your goods or services. To do this, your sales team will need to clarify the value of your product to the customer and come to an agreement of the price and terms of delivery. This sales cycle can vary from a brief two minute sales call all the way through to being a multiple year negotiation for a major contract agreement. Obviously the greater the number of closed sales, the more profit can be generated by the company resulting in greater prosperity for employees and investors alike.

A solid business marketing strategy is probably the single biggest factor which determines the success or failure of a company. Whether you sell manufactured goods or offer a professional service you must have a successful strategy to ensure that people hear about your business. Promotion is only one part of an overall business marketing strategy that will affect all aspects of how you run your business. You must also factor in the product packaging, the price and the location of the point of sale. A more recent approach places more emphasis on the consumer, cost, convenience, and communication, which represents a movement away from ‘mass’ marketing towards more ‘niche’ style of promotion. You should consider your general marketing strategy as one of the central principles that will determine the ultimate success of the business. Since this is such a vital part of your business, it’s important that you have the resources and support required to understand and implement the core business strategies that will help you succeed in whatever business you manage. This will allow you to create mutually beneficial relationships with your customers and grow your business to greater heights.

It will be important for you to uncover consultants with the exact skills that reflect your own marketing and sales requirements. Typically the smaller ‘boutique’ type of consulting company will be able to offer you the breadth of proficiency you need to successfully complete your marketing and sales project. They will be able to supply you with the right experts in areas such as production, delivery, and sale of products to the final consumer. No matter your own particular needs, the consulting firm you chose will be able to provide you with the right guidance.

Every company relies on outside resources to some extent. By using a recognized consulting firm you are benefiting from their extensive experience in using state of the art solutions in established marketing and sales processes. They will provide you with great value in the kind of help you need in the promotion of your manufactured goods, the communications flow, the product packaging and the successful sales to the end consumers. The success of their work can be specifically measured by charting your own results in promotion and the number of units actually sold. Your marketing consultant will emphasize proven solutions that will generate the exact results that you need to improve your bottom line performance.

To solve your marketing and sales problems and help you find a consultant, you should use an established resource to streamline your procurement process. You should aim to find a top provider of highly skilled consultants. By using a reputable online procurement source, clients can connect with qualified, dedicated consultants from every field and find the right consulting firm using a unique matching process.