The Sea and Me (Rubble in the Sand)

The waves paused, if only for a moment, and viewed its surroundings in the way it did regularly. Colors popped. Seagulls blinked. Flags flew where flags ought not fly. Over sands of no man. Over rocks painted hues of god’s own glory and shit of varying shade. Flags of man, these uglier than the last. How loving man had once been. How one with the sun and swooning over earth under moon’s light that the sea had no choice but to love and embrace man as a son of Earth and brother therein. Man earned sibling’s love and longed for sibling’s sight so man built cars and planed and roads and more and never stopped


The waves had paused for too long. Wasted its time thinking of before. Always did that. It remains preferable to any truth found in the present. Flags of man and pollution that ran and waste and death across the sand. Remnants of man’s long love with sea. Man. The little brother that could. The little brother that could and therefore did. The waves reminisced. One minute, two? Too many either way. Conclusions had long been made. Challenging them proved pointless. Enjoy the peace of now and then and save any energy for those superseding man. They might come soon. Man loved sea and brought death to sea and man loved trees and brought death to trees and in time nothing was left for man to love but man. Man will do what man does to those it loves. And then the long peace will come as it was before.