Day off poetry #WorldPoetryDay

This is how I felt on a day off that happened to be #WorldPoetryDay.

There’s a life without a worry 
Then you meet your Mrs glory.
You start caring about her,
Caring what she’s gonna tell.

Every time you feel her close,
Hear her breathe and feel her clothes,
You feel like you rise above,
But no worries, it’s just love.

And you stand there, stand your ground.
Stand as you’re the one who’s crowned.
Crowned to be with her, together.
For eternity. Forever.

I believe, the day will come.
Just not yet, not now…
But when?..

Maybe after she discovers
That she’s beautiful no matter 
How much makeup does she use,
How much alcohol consumes,
And how many times she fails
If she rises once again.

Just to end with some good vibes
For this coming from inside,
I hope that the rhyme I’ve written
Makes her feel like faithfuL KItten.


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