Creepy Andrew Kaczynski has History of Harassing Women, Spreading Fake News
Mike Cernovich

This isn’t real journalism. Real journalism involves contacting various sources for the story, getting their reactions, following up on these reactions, verifying details, etc. This story merely cherry-picks some facts, makes some associations, and attacks its subject.

Eg. what is the evidence that Kaczynski “led” the Sacco mob — get someone on record as saying that. Is there anything new to add to the NY Times article? Do we have someone on record saying Tripathi’s suicide was caused by Kaczynski’s actions? What is the source of the photo, is it real or doctored, and how is it relevant to this article?

I am no defender of Andrew Kaczynski or any of his views or actions (a look at my own online presence will confirm that). But I am a defender of honesty and integrity in journalism, and believe me, this isn’t it.

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