How To Be Free From All Emotional Blocks And Fears
Benjamin P. Hardy

Good read. Most folks are so consumed in distractions they cannot shut off their own self talk. Continuously battling with the outside forces and therefore never really understanding who they really are. They cannot go inside because they are fully living in the outside world.

“Literally, you have designed every detail of your life to protect yourself from the fears and internal conflicts you aren’t willing to face.”

No doubt we have all done this in a myriad of ways as a self protective mechanism. But you do not mention that our issues are not always simply self imposed, many are in fact caused by other people and inflicted on us by various means and sources. But all can be damages to us one way or the other. And the only solution to any of these events, is to look inside ourselves on a much deeper and more honest level than is commonly accepted or ever taught or even contemplated.

Also you make no mention of the many illusions we all live under that are forced on us by various sources. Our own government and many media outlets also have created many control mechanisms that affect us greatly. And most folks have no idea these forces even exist. So they can never fully heal themselves which always starts on the inside and then can heal us physically. “Our Inner Journey” is the most important thing we can do in our entire lives. No endeavor pays a higher dividend of overall health and well being. It does require some effort and considerable personal honesty. But mostly a personal awareness or mindset and simple desire to understand oneself and the world we all live in. We all live in many illusions and that is what holds us back more than anything. Some of those illusions we create as you say, but some are forced on us as well. Understanding the difference and dealing with them accordingly is the challenge and purpose.

Body, mind, spirit, soul are all completely interconnected and that is the first matter to understand and live. We all have very powerful “Inner Powers” and simply do not realize them or how to tap into them because these things are not part of our culture, quite the opposite. We are told to NOT look inside and live only in the outer physical world of materialism, which is the lowest level of consciousness. Simple stuff really, but few know how to go there, and it is quite easy. Meditation and prayer are great assets in this endeavor. In the end everything is all about finding balance in our lives at every level.

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