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No question the sky is falling ! Run for your lives. Obama and crew never did any thing like this since they were so fair and transparent and not even close to racist ! And PRAVDA/MSM was not the propaganda arm of their politburo. This is extreme beyond anything imaginable and is unprecedented for at least the last two weeks ! Get to a cave, go underground, be well protected and above all over react and work yourself up into a psychotic state ! All that will surely help you cope with these travesties of such incredible injustice that have never happened before on the face of the earth, at least in the last two weeks as mentioned.

Above all be angry and insist that you and your supposed group have been victimized, even if you have to create your own victimization, simply be angry and carry a lot of hate ! Remember your anger and hate hate is good, and Donald Trump and crew are beyond evil, Satan incarnate. Even though he is the only president in many years who openly speaks of how wrong the wars are and were and he will only promote peace and solutions.

So which is it people ? are you the worse hypocrites that have ever existed or just completely ignorant ? I cannot tell. Obama stood by and watched another million people butchered in the most heinous ways possible in the ME and helped create ISIS/ISIL by his own actions or lack of and he got a Nobel Peace award and is considered by many left wingers as a very peaceful man ? Trump comes along and denounces it all and is headed to try and create far better relations with Russia, the main player in ME and you find all manner of absurd ways to find fault and he hasn’t even been in office for a month ? You go berserk over what you perceive as bad or wrong journalism, yet BHO and crew empowered PRAVDA/MSM for 8 years nonstop ! Then some numbskull calls Trumps 10 year old son the next shooter ? No such thing ever happened to BHO’s children for good reason. Why are you not howling about that kind of junk ? And what about all of the PRAVDA/MSM so called journalist like Rather and Williams and many others that have been caught telling out right lies and had to apologize and lost their jobs and careers ? Does any of that count and there were many more than them. Now you are grasping at straws in hysteria over what ? Fabricated hyperbole. This is exactly why Trump won. And he likely did win the pop vote as well since it has been proven that several million did vote illegally, a million in Kawleefornya alone ! I doubt we will ever know for sure the total correct number mainly because the Dems would and will not allow the real numbers to be known. That is their secret practice and why the last census would not allow that question to be asked “are you here legally” seems like a rather pertinent and correct question to ask don’t you think, if we really want to know who is who in the zoo ?

I fully realize both sides do some whacked shit, but many of you are just as whacked ! Do yourselves a favor and try to be objective and honest. You are being used like a coke whore for product and have no idea you have been almost completely mind fucked by PRAVDA/MSM and your supposed education ? Many of you have literally had the brains sucked out of your heads via indoctrination and distortions and you created huge personal debt to get that fucking ! So I ask you, how smart are you really ? Fuel for thought it seems. The hippies were much smarter and much more authentic.

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