How I went from 0 design experience to landing a full time job in 12 months (republished)
Richard Yang

So you fooled the supposed smart guys ? Kinda means they aren’t so smart , Hey ?

Can you hike 50 miles in three days in eastern Oregon this winter with feet of snow everyday and 0 degree temps and enjoy it ? Now that is an accomplishment. I did and last year as well and I am likely old enough to be your dad. So who has accomplished anything ? It is of course completely all about perception isn’t it ? I hope you learned the lesson grasshopper. And here is the same lesson in another form, what is important and what isn’t.

Good on Ya, I admire your tenacity but may need to work on the focus for good results for your out come. Always remember we all live in many illusions and the illusions are currently breaking down, right before our eyes. That is what the election was all about. The major change started on Dec 21 , 2012. It’s a good thing.

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