The one thing I agree with in your post is the part about not wanting to feel like a victim or a…
Patti Podnar

Well Patti, victimization is a very big business these days here in USA and an effective political ploy to manipulate the masses. It can be used for all manner of supposed grievances and is ! We have certainly created many victims to be sure, mostly imagined.

What is missed entirely is the simple fact that none of us come into this world equal to anything ? We are not equal from day one for many reasons. This idea that we all get here on an equal basis is just another of the many illusions we all live under and accept as real. When all is said and done we are in fact on our own merits or demerits as the case may be. And of course this entire victim hood thing sets up a paradigm that undermines the people who actually do come into this world with real lesser capabilities or other handicaps. They get pushed aside to accommodate our new set of created political victims. Pathetic.