What It’s Like To Be Engaged To An iPad

Yes we all live in many illusions created for us and few fully grasp how these devices are sucking the brains and common sense right out of their heads. I recently read an excellent article here on Medium that fully exposed and explained how Google and Facebook were created by our own government as control mechanisms. Basically they are creating reality for the masses so they can be easily controlled and the access to the new reality or matrix is of course these devices and the network of what we call social media and other creations. I am finding many excellent articles here at Medium that all point out these matters and events and I consider this information extremely important and a sort of reality check. This fellow Tristan the Google engineer is a very smart guy as well and I will be reading his stuff also. I have been gleaning these articles and will be putting them up at my site as a sort of warning or prompting for folks to stop and think what is happening and perhaps break away from the matrix. It is all just a giant control mechanism created for you for a specific reason. I some how lost the link to Tristan ? Good on Ya for this article. It is a very important subject to be sure for humanity !

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