I still haven’t decided whether to close it or not.
One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
Mike Monteiro

This is the real problem and a question we need to dig into... Precisely WHY is it so hard to quit something you hate and that is just a spew of hatred & cespool of assholery?

For people who are not on Twitter and Facebook, the draw just isn’t there. I truly don’t get it. It’s one thing to not care about how these corporations act and another to criticize yet still use these platforms so heavily. And again I ask, why is it that almost all users of these things are heavy users?

Instead of a criticism of you, this is a criticism of the medium. Just like the biggest problem with tv is not its programming, but what you are Not doing instead. Why do so many people want to build ethereal online community?, but you couldn’t get them to stop by your porch in the evening to chat if their life depended on it?

Once you delete your account, you rarely think about it again. You don’t feel like you’re missing out, your attention turns to other things. I’ve witnessed it in almost everyone I’ve ever seen quit. Its the having the account and not checking that makes you feel like you are missing something.

It’s a fundamental flaw in thought and an energy sink to be so engaged with online community while the world goes to shit. How do we convince people to GET OFF TWITTER AND FACEBOOK?!??

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