How much more can I take?

Hello world. I’ve putting off writing a blog for about a week now, but today is the day. Last week at work I was listening to one of books on audible and taking notes. I had my earbuds in but I could hear a coworker saying something about me. He said,“I reminded him of one of our coworkers. He said that guy use to always be studying get rich quick schemes and always talking about these million dollars ideas he had. Needless to say that guy still works for the company and has serious money and gambling problems. I was so insulted when he compared me to that guy. He ask me what I was studying and I just said investment strategies. That guy and my supervisor started talking about all these people they know that always had these million dollar ideas and people they knew who were always trying to sell stuff. I was so upset by the mockery they were trying to make of me. Both these guys have been with the company 20 plus years and are pretty well off. All they ever talk about is there 401k and their pension plan. I’ve head of guys retiring with a few million dollars but they’ve worked for over 30 year for our company. Some of these guy have a pretty big nest egg but say they cant retire due to medical expenses. This sounds so crazy to me. I told myself I would give myself 10years to retire. I started working for the company 2 years ago so I have 8 years to go. But after that night I have challenged myself to quit my job within a year. I have pretty good career that has a lot of options to move up in the company. Most people dream about working where I work and making 6 figures a year but it's not for me. I can’t continue to live my life like this. I know there is more to life than this. I want to do great things and show people that you can do and be whatever you want to be. Those guy at work are losers in my book. They have given up over half of their lives to a company. They may have money in the bank but they aren't happy at all. They are always complaining about management and both of them aren't in the best of health. I look at them and say to myself that will not be in 20 years I cant let my self get comfortable. I have to get out of here ASAP. This my first step towards financial freedom. See you guys and gals at the top. Pick a mountain and go to the top or die trying.